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Carton of Four Bottles
Earth Renewable
5 kg
250 × 250 × 350 mm
  • A carton contains 4 x 750ml bottles and one reusable pump 
  • $28.60 per bottle 
  • Super concentrated formula, save space and money 
  • A bottle will wash around 90 loads of laundry 
  • A carton will wash around 360 loads of laundry

Laundry Liquid is specially formulated to remove most soils while
being safe for most fabrics and pH neutral for sensitive skin. Safe for
Top and Front loaders. The product contains enzymes and is NOT
recommended for wool and silk. Easily measured super concentrate
requires only 2 pumps per wash load (pump included). Each 750ml
bottle has enough laundry detergent for 90 loads of washing. The pack
includes a dispensing pump. One bottle of Concentrate makes up to
90 x Loads of Washing. Purchase as a single bottle or carton of four.

RRP: $137.38 

Our Price: $114.40

(34¢ per laundry load)